The Grand Plan

The Grand Plan POD logo.jpg

* Trade Paperback, Hardcover, and Digital Download
* RavenHood Press Inc. assigned ISBN #
* Copyright Date & library Control #
*A Set Book Cost at member price + Shipping
* 70/30 (70% Author/30%RHP) Royalties per 30 days & 100% Royalties when sold by you off line and from your personal website (after print and shipping cost).
* Choose to submit your own design, or a pre-designed full color book cover
* Choose a pre-designed interior layout or choose your own layout
* Choose any book size
* Advanced Editing (Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar) 
* Book Listings on Createspace, Amazon, PaperSack Books & Book Stash; Expanded distribution Services are included (Barnes & Noble, ect...)
* Profile in our Author Section for life & a personal website to sell your books for 2 years then $40.00 per year after that
* 2 digital proofs + 55 Copies of Book
*6 books free when 30 books sells online or off

New Author                  - $400
Returning Author     - $800


One Time Fee
    - $350

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2nd Step:
Fill out your precious Author Registration & Manuscritp Registration Card!